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Artist's Statement

When I paint animals, I'm inspired by the great wildlife painters of our day--Robert Bateman, Bonnie Marris, John Seerey-Lester--and of previous eras--Carl Rungius, Louis Agassiz Fuertes--as well as photographers Art Wolfe and Jim Brandenburg. But when painting men, my inspiration tends to come from modern photographers like David Gray, John Edward Fink, Matthew Papa, and the Mascular Studio collective--photographers who depict male beauty in its many real-life manifestations, showing the magnificence (and often erotic energy) of men of every shape and size. And in line with my love of nature, I tend to place my men (yes, when I paint them, I think of them as "mine") in natural settings--after all, as we need to remember, we are all natural beings, part of nature ourselves. So I think there is a deep connection between my paintings of men and my paintings of wildlife.