Anthony F. Chiffolo

Editor and Author

A collection of books about St. Pio of Pietrelcina.
Explains the history/meaning behind 100 names of the Blessed Mother.
Devotion to the saints.
The modern popes.
Blessings and prayers for family pets.
Recipes for 18 meals mentioned in the Bible.
Recipes for 14 meals featured in "foodie" movies.

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100 Names of Mary

"Over the centuries Christians have bestowed upon Mary innumerable titles of devotion -- some lists include more than six thousand titles -- from Ark of the New Covenant to Virgin of Tenderness . . . And this proliferation of titles reflects the different ways people relate to Mary, " writes Chiffolo. "While one person may find her comfort in the Mother of Sorrow, another may find his center in the Queen of Peace."

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, has come to be known by many names, reflecting her many different qualities. 100 Names of Mary: Stories and Prayers will help people examine these different qualities and approach the Blessed Mother in new ways. Each of the hundred names selected provides the story about the title of Mary, a traditional prayer and a new prayer that reflects the particular charisms of the title. Readers also will find an inspiring new litany of Mary, a bibliography and an index.

Paperback, $17.95, 240pp

An Hour with Mary, Mother of Jesus pamphlet, $1.50, 24pp