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Cooking with the Movies provides recipes to recreate the meals shown in 14 of your favorite feature films.
Nonfiction, Cooking
“Finally an answer to the question: What would Jesus eat?”
Reader’s Digest
Nonfiction: Prayers/Blessings; Religion; Devotional
Prayers, blessings, and services for all types of family pets, from dogs and cats and birds to fish and lizards and mice. For use by children and adults.
Nonfiction, Religion
Explains the origins of 100 of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s most popular and intriguing names.
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Take a daily walk through the Lenten season with Saint Pio of Pietrelcina.
Nonfiction: Prayer; Devotional; Religion; Spirituality
Brings together prayers composed by a variety of saints, displaying the richness of the Christian tradition from every century and all walks of life.
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Introducing the life and message of one of the 20th century’s great religious figures.
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A collection of quotations and prayers from the life and service of Pope John Paul II.

100 Names of Mary: Stories and Prayers

Finalist for ForeWord Magazine 2002 Book of the Year Awards, Religion

Perhaps the most popular saint of all, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, has come to be known by innumerable titles of devotion—some lists include more than six thousand titles—reflecting her many qualities. Some people call her the Blessed Mother. Others know her as the Blessed Virgin Mary—BVM for short—or the Virgin, Our Lady, Mother of God, or, simply, Mary. From Ark of the New Covenant to Virgin of Tenderness, from Our Lady of All Nations to Queen of Peace, this proliferation of names reflects the different ways believers relate to Mary.

Devotional, historical, and theological, 100 Names of Mary shows the astonishing variety of the Blessed Mother’s titles. Calling upon Scripture, the writings of the early Church, the pronouncements of the saints, papal statements, and recent biblical and theological scholarship, 100 Names of Mary explains the origins of one hundred of Mary's most popular and intriguing names from around the world and across the Christian millennia. Accompanying the stories are both traditional and newly written prayers of intercession to Mary that reflect the particular charisms of her titles. Together with an inspiring new Litany of Mary, the stories and prayers in this book provide a portrait of Mary as mother, companion, disciple, apostle, and advocate who continues to guide the people of God on the path to holiness.

“The rise of the scientific method and of death-of-God theology has done nothing to dim the luster of the mother of Jesus Christ; if anything, reported apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary have increased in frequency and urgency since 1900. Chiffolo, author of books on Padre Pio and other Catholic subjects, has created a highly devout and useful guide to 100 of her ‘names’: not limited to the Rosa Mystica or Our Lady of Guadalupe, it includes Our Lady of Akita and Our Lady of Zhyrovytsi. Astonishing in their variety, these stories and prayers should intrigue the Catholic and non-Catholic reader alike. Highly recommended.”
Library Journal

“Love for the Mother of God spans cultures and countries throughout the world, and the book proves it with many engaging stories about Marian apparitions which led to new titles.…a spiritual feast for everyone, whether already devoted to Mary or only beginning to learn about her.”
Catholic New York

“As the reader encounters these perspectives on Mary, he or she is invited to see the mother of Jesus through a lens that illuminates her character and message in a particular way….That Chiffolo has allowed the stories to speak for themselves is the strength of this book. Piety and sweetness often overcome any consideration of Mary; in 100 Names of Mary, we meet this ‘Queen of Peace’ on solid ground.”

“Fascinating.…attention to detail, combined with good scholarship, wit, and creativity has produced a valuable collection.”
The Episcopal New Yorker

“…shows us the faithful face of the disciple and the feminine face of God.”
AIM World Library Publications

“…an inspiring book.”
Faith Connection

“Add to the 100 names of Mary ‘Guiding Light to Aspiring Teenagers.’ In 1940 she answered my prayers for a successful cartoonist’s career. This book is a treasury of revelation.”
–Bil Keane, creator of The Family Circus

"Easy-to-read...packed full of history, facts and information for anyone who wants to delve into the topic."
Crux of the News

“The reader will meet some old favorites as well as many Madonnas little known here in the United States....”
Catholic Chronicle of Toledo, Ohio

“Almost any book on Our Lady is welcome at Notre Dame, Our Lady’s University. This one is special. Highly recommended. It illustrates well one of my favorite blessings: May the Blessed Mother bless you with Her wonderful child, Jesus.”
–(Rev.) Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., president emeritus, University of Notre Dame

“This beautiful and stunning tribute to Mary will become an instant classic treasured for generations by all those mere mortals like us—followers of her Son—who are also privileged to call her … ‘Mother.’ … a volume of rare scholarship which is both a history book and a prayer book. I can’t elevate it any higher than to suggest that only Mary could have inspired it.”
–William O’Shaughnessy, President and Editorial Director, Whitney Radio

“…a wonderful way to get to know our Blessed Mother better.”
–Mitch Finley, author of Surprising Mary: Meditations and Prayers on the Mother of Jesus and Your One-Stop Guide to Mary

“…a work to complement and enrich any Catholic’s Marian library. The story of each title is briefly presented along with a beloved traditional and a sparkling new prayer. … will delight any Catholic devoted to Mary.”
–Ann Ball, author of Modern Saints: Their Lives and Faces and The Saints’ Guide to Joy That Never Fades

“Through scholarly research and documentation, the author presents the universal Mary, Mother of all nations, of all races, of all times. This book is informative about the breadth of Marian devotion among the laity and is valuable as a devotional to enrich one’s spiritual life.”
–Sister Charlene Altemose, M.S.C., author of What You Should Know about Mary

“…a warm and attractive guide to a faith relationship to Mary…. Its great strength is its broad sweep of history linked to a modern sensitivity. It is a work of beauty, faith and truth and will inspire all who meditate upon it.”
–Rev. Alfred McBride, O. Praem., Professor of Homiletics, Blessed John XXIII Seminary, Weston, Massachusetts

“The genius of Catholicism is its sacramentality—the belief that God’s grace takes root again and again across history and in diverse cultures. Anthony Chiffolo’s 100 Names of Mary presents a fine overview of the ways in which Mary’s faithful witness, made possible by God’s grace, has blossomed and become a source of deeper faith around the globe…. a wonderful resource for spiritual growth and awareness of the richness of the Catholic Marian tradition.”
–Charles E. Bouchard, O.P., President and Associate Professor, Aquinas Institute of Theology

“…a book to be read, re-read, and to be constantly browsed through. …truly a remarkable achievement.”
–Saverio Procario, director, Fordham University Press

“This wonderful book is absolutely needed and long overdue. It is graciously compiled with marvelous sensitivity. It brings together not just an expansive history of the wonders of Mary, but also a more complete continuity of the auras of beauty, superlative love and sustaining hope that extend and bloom from her presence and appearances through time.”
–Ingo Swann, author of The Great Apparitions of Mary: An Examination of the Twenty-two Supranormal Appearances

“…aids contemporary spiritual seekers to embrace Mary, as the universal guru, disciple, companion, mother, advocate, who continues to guide us on the path to holiness.”
–Bridget Mary Meehan, author of Praying with Visionary Women and Praying with Women of the Bible

“…impressively researched. … Like a fascinating storybook, the accounts of Mary’s appearances at different times and in different places are captivating. … For anyone wanting to ‘connect’ with Mary, this is the book to read.”
–Antoinette Bosco, author of Shaken Faith: Hanging in There When God Seems Far Away

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